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These are the types of sets you find on Craigslist for 50% of the original price. The drum sets need to include:

  • Five piece drum set
    • Snare drum and stand
    • Bass drum with pedal
    • Two Tom-Toms
    • Floor Tom
  • Three cymbals
    • Crash cymbal and stand
    • Ride cymbal and stand
    • Hi-Hat cymbals and stand
  •  Drum stool / throne

Always ask for additional drumsticks, method books, percussion instruments, extra hardware they may have laying around and want to get rid of, free of charge.

Only go to look at the drum sets that are nearby. If you go to look at a drum set that is in the South Bay, I can often assist you in the purchasing process. I will also call the seller in advance to assess the value of the instrument.


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