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Welcome to TamZ JamZ Music, a home-based music studio in the heart of Willow Glen.

Tammy Acosta is proud to have inspired children, teenagers and adults alike to find their artistic passion and carve out their space in the music world.

Since 1995, she has been a mentor to hundreds of musicians that have become music majors, extreme hobbyists, young professionals, and caring individuals.

As you enter her dedicated music space you get the feeling of serenity and seriousness combined.

Students immediately feel comfortable and jump right in to enjoy a relaxed musical experience.

It is a blessing to be included in so many nostalgic moments being created on a daily basis through music. Art is very powerful. It is our spiritual connection to each other that I most love about what I do.

Guitars, drums, piano, vibes, percussion…how exciting. Eyes light up and “WOW”…”Let’s get busy!”

Tammy’s interest to share the love of performance comes from her eclectic music background. From orchestral, to Latin jazz, to street busking, Tammy has many stories to tell.

Whether the time together is brief or lasts until college & beyond, Tam’s goal is to make sure music is a positive experience for all.

Binky and Shorty are regular groupies during the class music scene. Binky prefers acoustic guitar, while the true rocker, Shorty, hangs out on the floor tom during lessons. Neighborhood squirrels are even known to visit and stare through the picture window, tapping their paws and swaying their bushy tails.